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business: designing for android

Endless Mile, Android app

Time for a change.

Despite owning several Apple products, last September I decided to experiment & bought a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet. In about two months I became a big fan… much more so than with any Apple product. Phenomenal screen resolution, truly light weight, crisp & clean design plus amazing adaptability won me over. The more I used the tablet, the more I realized how fantastic Endless Mile guides would look on Android.

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year in review: 2013

2013, travel, year in review
● Where was I? Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, & Morocco.

…and the tradition continues. Welcome to the fourth edition of my year in review. I do this mainly for personal reasons, but you’re welcome to revisit the past year with me. Oh, the white asterisks above were release dates for Endless Mile guides. Let’s look back…

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business: e-book development

Kindle Fire, Endless Mile, screen capture

“Excited” best described my mood when the Kindle Fire became available in November 2011. An affordable alternative to Apple, the device even enjoyed good (although not great) early reviews. Was it set to compete with the iPad, especially at a below-profit price? Didn’t matter much to me. The KF was the first tablet connected to a big e-book provider, & I couldn’t wait to see how it performed.

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business: focused

Endless Mile: Lisbon, Azulejos guide

Last week Endless Mile released its latest guide… breaking away from Buenos Aires & now covering Lisbon! Discover 84 of the city’s best azulejos (tile panels) with this new, map-based PDF. Although tilework is such a striking feature of Lisbon, no one had developed a guide like this before. Now I know why… publishing this release was anything but easy.

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business: what’s in a name

Robert Wright, explaining flamenco in Sevilla

During 11 crazy years of working for Rick Steves my responsibilities included everything from guiding groups around Europe to updating & writing new content for their guidebooks. Over time, I even helped develop new tours. It was an incredible learning process & very interesting to see what worked & what didn’t. In many ways, the company & I grew together professionally.

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