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argentina: elecciones primarias 2011

Argentina, elección primaria, boletas

Something new on the political front: for the first time, primary elections will be held in Argentina. As the video below explains, official candidates for each political party (or the new term, agrupación política) were formerly chosen through internal party elections, conferences or merely appointed by party leaders. The idea that everyone has a chance to participate in internal party affairs seems like a good idea… but it all depends on how the system is used.

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buenos aires: election results 2011

Buenos Aires, elections 2011, mesas

Congrats to Mauricio Macri. The fight isn’t over yet, but Macri definitely won the first round with 47% of the vote… almost the 50% needed for a definitive win. That means a runoff will take place on 31 Jul between Macri & the second-place candidate, Daniel Filmus. Filmus received almost 28% of the vote with Pino Solanas coming in third with a respectable 13%. Not bad for a relatively new political party.

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buenos aires: jefe de gobierno debate 2011

TN, A Dos Voces, debate, Jefe de Gobierno

Since there are 6 candidates for Jefe de Gobierno this time around, TN divided the debate into two programs. Not sure I agree with that decision… the idea behind a debate is to listen to everyone, then compare & contrast. That’s more difficult to do with a week separating debates. During last week’s show, López Murphy didn’t show, Estenssoro rode the transparency bandwagon, Giudici couldn’t get from behind her party platform & Telerman thought the “you already know me” tactic would be good enough. It wasn’t. To his credit, Telerman was the only candidate to discuss saving the city’s architectural heritage.

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