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português suave

aveiro: architecture

Portugal, Aveiro, architecture, Art Deco

Since I work as a tour guide, when I go somewhere new I adopt a very different philosophy from most travellers: minimal research before arrival, explore on foot once there, then investigate online at night. This method works well since I’m often several days in a single spot. My kind of travel. As I walked from the train station to my hotel along the main avenue, the architecture of Aveiro turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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coimbra: portugal dos pequenitos

Portugal, Coimbra, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Cassiano Branco

Behind the recently restored Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha sits what most people consider to be a kids’ attraction. But this playground of miniature monuments, tiny houses & museum displays from around the world —Portugal dos Pequenitos— was designed to do a lot more than entertain children. Built under the Salazar regime from 1937 to 1961 by architect Cassiano Branco, this compact display of the best of Portugal transmits a message that few people understand today.

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