Personal guided visits

Endless Mile, Robert Wright, guide

Working for Rick Steves since the year 2000, my responsibilities have included everything from guiding groups around Europe to updating & writing new content for his guidebooks. I’ve even helped the company develop several new tours. But this incredible experience over the past two decades came to an abrupt stop in 2020 due to the pandemic.

While his group trips won’t resume until 2022, Rick has generously offered to organize a tour program via the Guides’ Marketplace. He wants to put independent travellers in touch with his guides living in Europe, & I jumped at the chance to participate. Prices have been fixed by Rick for each country with 4-hour tours in Spain set at 200€. Thanks for the support, Rick!

I’ve found that the best group size for guided walks in any city is from one to six people. Great for interaction & easy listening. If others sign up for the same route on the same day —always maintaining six or less total in the group— I’ll send out an email & everyone can split the set price. An automatic discount!

My walks show a more specific side of each destination rather than a broad overview or all those must-see sights. If you’d like a general orientation of Sevilla with a cathedral or Alcázar visit, contact Sevilla Walking Tours. Conce or one of her team will be happy to show you around! But if you want to dig a little deeper into your destination, then check out the following options:

Sevilla · Regionalist architecture

Endless Mile, Robert Wright, guide, Sevilla, Regionalist, Regionalismo, architecture, walking tour

Spain yearned for a new identity after the disastrous 1898 Spanish-American War. Losing overseas territories forced Spaniards to look inward to their peninsular past, & in Sevilla they found a gold mine of architectural heritage for inspiration. Brick, tiles & wrought-iron work evoked multiple periods like Muslim-style mudéjar, Renaissance & Baroque… they mixed them all together for the look that defines Sevilla today. We’ll learn about star architects from the 1920s & see their most famous buildings… you may even recognize some movie & tv locations! From downtown to the 1929 Ibero-American Expo site, you’ll understand why Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Availability:  any day of the week, you set the time.
Duration:  approximately 3.0 hours.
• Walking distance:  about 3 km total, short taxi ride included.
• Price per group: 150€, cash or direct deposit accepted. No tips please!
• Start point:  Plaza Nueva.
• End point: Plaza de España.

Sevilla · Semana Santa

Endless Mile, Robert Wright, guide, Sevilla, Semana Santa, Holy Week, walking tour

Feel like experiencing a bit of Holy Week even if it’s not Easter? Semana Santa put Sevilla on the tourist map over 500 years ago, & those festivities remain the city’s biggest draw for visitors. But surprisingly, many signs of that special week can be seen throughout the year… if you know where to look. We’ll learn about who started the processions, how brotherhoods formed, where those pointed hoods originated & see some remarkable images of Mary & Jesus. When we’re done, you’ll understand why being religious is not a pre-requisite to feeling spiritual during Holy Week.

Availability:  Mon-Sat at 09:00 only.
Duration:  approximately 3.0 hours.
• Walking distance:  about 2 km.
• Price per group: 150€, cash or direct deposit accepted. No tips please!
• Start point:  Puerta de Carmona.
• End point: Near the cathedral.

Cádiz · City walk

Endless Mile, Robert Wright, guide, walking tour, Cádiz

Cádiz is often described as one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded by Phoenicians over 3,000 years ago. While true, the city is special to me for another reason: Cádiz was my first experience living abroad. Little did I know in 1998 how much I’d learn from this gorgeous isthmus surrounded by water on three sides. We’ll stroll through Cádiz, peek into patios, learn about its glorious past, ogle at goodies in the market & discuss challenges the city needs to address. With a mix of current events, history & beautiful views, you’ll understand why Cádiz enchants anyone who visits.

Availability:  any day of the week, afternoons preferred.
Duration:  approximately 4.0 hours.
• Walking distance:  4-5 km, with a mid-tour break.
• Price per group: 200€, cash or direct deposit accepted. No tips please!
• Start point:  Train station if just arriving, or Plaza San Juan de Dios if already in town.
• End point: Cathedral.

If you would like to reserve one of these guided visits or have any questions, please contact me at: See you soon!