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back on the block

After a two-year absence, the blog is back!

Not that I’ll be posting regularly as before, but it’s time to get back online with something other than Recoleta Cemetery. All previous “line of sight” content (2004—2008) has been saved but may not show up here again… unless I repost some of the more popular bits. I’m off to Bogotá in a week, then I’ll be headed to Lisboa via Caracas. Since I still don’t have my work schedule yet, it’s hard to say when I’ll be back in Buenos Aires. I’m guessing July.

The more important question is:  How do I pack for this?!

8 thoughts on “back on the block”

  1. Robert, is there any place/site where I can get your “Houses for the Masses” postings? They have been very helpful to me. Every single time I go to Buenos Aires (about once a year) I visit one or two of them.
    Thanks and good luck on your trip.

  2. Hi Charlie – Unfortunately I haven’t had time to save all those posts as a Word document. If I can get around to it, I’d be happy to email you a copy. Which ones have you visited already?

    Hola Jorge – Thanks! Todavia falta mucho para armar la página pero hay que hacerlo. Un abrazo!

  3. I think one of the only ones that I have yet to visit is the one in Agronomia, I think it’s called Rawson. You should do something with all that wonderful information/pictures you collected. I think Casas Baratas are Buenos Aires best hidden treasure, but unfortunately there’s almost no information available about them.
    Thanks again,
    Charlie (Ann Arbor)

  4. Dan – It’s good to be back. “Clean slate” would be a great name for a blog.

    Charlie – I’ll send you the Agronomia one via email (just the text). No worries. I’ve often thought about making a PDF of BA housing projects like I did with Recoleta Cemetery, but I think we’re part of a select group. I wonder if others would be interested. I completely agree with you, & the casa baratas are a wonderful springboard to explore neighboorhoods not on the regular tourist circuit. Thanks!

  5. Robert
    Good to see you active again. I miss the old BA content. Any chance of it ever reappearing . Maybe as a node on the current blog.
    Many thanks for some really great work

    1. Hi Richard – Thanks for the comment. I’m in the process of reformatting the old BA content (much of it isn’t valid these days), but it won’t appear for quite some time. Unfortunately I don’t have much free time while I’m guiding tours in Europe. Hopefully by the beginning of 2011… Saludos!

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