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buenos aires: purple rain

It’s that time of year again… jacarandas are in full bloom. Its flowers are notoriously difficult to photograph. On a clear day, they get washed out by a bright sky. On a cloudy day, they look fantastic but only with the proper backdrop. Still, there is time to take lots of photos before the first storm knocks all blossoms to the ground.

Prince would feel at home.

3 thoughts on “buenos aires: purple rain”

  1. Aaawwww, sheer beauty. =)
    Love this time of the year, despite I hate stepping on the jacarandá flowers once they’re on the ground, they’re slippery. =P

    1. It’s really gorgeous right now… in spite of the heat. I’ve never been anywhere with as many jacarandá trees. Nice to feel an escape from the concrete jungle. ¡Beso grande!

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