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found: same day photo, 2002-2016

camera, collection, DMC-LX3, S30, S80, S95, DMC-LF1, Panasonic, Canon

I purchased my first digital camera in January 2002, one month after a big economic crisis hit Argentina. How I wish I’d had that Canon PowerShot S30 when things got crazy! The S30 may have been low res by today’s standards, but what a fantastic camera. Unfortunately the lens jammed & rendered the camera useless.

Over the years I upgraded to a Canon SuperShot G3 (still works, a brick of a camera), a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (left in Argentina), a Canon PowerShot S80 (might work if I could recharge it!), switched to a Panasonic DMC-LX3 (still around, probably my best camera ever), back to a Canon PowerShot S95 (basically fell apart piece by piece), then a Panasonic DMC-LF1 (dust got inside the lens but still ok). These days I’m not sure if I should stick with Panasonic, go back to Canon, try another brand altogether, or just stick to the cell phone. Decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I probably don’t treat my cameras as well as I should… but they are always at hand to document where work or vacation takes me. By coincidence, I realized that I’d taken a photo on this particular day every year since 2002. How is that possible? The fact that we can look back & see where we were at different points in our life is amazing. Probably something we’d never be able to do if cameras were still analog only. Whether I was traveling with friends, working, packing up after my mom passed away or investigating material for a new Endless Mile guide, these pics bring back lots of memories:

España, Spain, Medinaceli, 2002
Portugal, Lisboa, Lisbon, 2003
España, Spain, Madrid, 2004
Argentina, Buenos Aires, 2005
Argentina, Buenos Aires, suprema maryland, 2006
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Flores, cementerio, 2007
Australia, Sydney, 2008
USA, Iowa, Centerville, 2009
España, Spain, Jerez de la Frontera, 2010
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Art Nouveau, 2011
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Chacarita, 2012
España, Spain, Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013
Portugal, Porto, 2014
España, Spain, Catalunya, Barcelona, La Diada, 2015
España, Spain, Andalucía, Granada, 2016

How have you documented your own life? Take a look back at your first digital photos for a fun bit of time travel… I do it all the time.

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