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photo essay: buenos aires doors

Buenos Aires, Argentina, doors, puertas

As I continued to explore Buenos Aires, Marcelo told me about a photo contest in 2003 with a specific theme: doors. I’d had my first digital camera for almost two years & always took it with me on walks. Why not enter the contest?

Marcelo & I began to scour the city, & paying attention to doors turned out to be a fun way to see Buenos Aires… although neither of us won a prize. I wish I had copies of the photos that won, but of course Mar & I thought our photos were better! 😉

4 thoughts on “photo essay: buenos aires doors”

  1. Hi Robert. Interesting that you are drawing interest to the Buenos Aires doors. Almost every day I see an amazing door and think of more genteel times when refinement and taste was appreciated.

    1. Hi Bruno – I found a lot of these photos when I was transferring data between my PC & the new Mac… gave me some good ideas about future photo essays too! Saludos!

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