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photo essay: la carta magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas

Buenos Aires, La Carta Magna y Las Cuatro Regiones Argentinas, Querol i Subirats, Art Nouveau, Julián García Núñez

New category for the blog… a way to focus on one particular monument or place without text in the way. Also with no need to rely on external social media sites to host images. Trying to keep it all contained here & somewhat under control.

4 thoughts on “photo essay: la carta magna y las cuatro regiones argentinas”

  1. Estela Domínguez, Caballito, BA -ARG

    Firstly: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! For yourself and all the others in your line of sight.

    My father emigrated from Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain in his mid teens. Ever since arriving he used to have a picture taken of him to send back home to his old childhood friends in the ´aldea´. Where? Right in front of this monument, in the alegory of La Pampa: a robust, well fed, breasted and generous Pampa… For him, it was the perfect symbol of this land of Argentina.

    Keep on observing that we are eyeing your blog!
    Warm regards

    1. Hello Estela! Happy 2011!!!!

      How wonderful that your father thought this statue was the best spot to take a photograph to send home to his family. The statue itself has an incredible story behind it… it was so slowly built, there was a big controversy as to who the artist would be, but in the end it is an incredible piece of art that many porteños see every day.

      I’m very glad that you are still reading my blog. I don’t have the readership that I used to because I stopped writing for so long. But hopefully it will return in time. All the best for a very happy & very prosperous new year!

  2. I would like to know who the sculptor or sculptors were of this beautiful monument.  I am a sculptor myself in Quincy, MA and enjoyed doing a drawing of “La Pampa” sculpture

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