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aveiro: azulejos

Portugal, Aveiro, azulejos, tiles

For years I’d read that Aveiro had fantastic tile work. But when to visit? After finishing a tour in Porto, I had a few days off to rest… the perfect opportunity in spite of this 2015 heat wave. Such a variety of azulejos that I couldn’t stop taking photos. Pics above are only a sample of what I saw. Wow.

I’d already explored two days on my own, following my instinct & saw several parts of the city. Then I decided to stop by the tourism office to ask if they had information on tile panels in town. Maybe I’d missed something. Did they have a guide? Suggestions about the best panels? Não, não temos nada. But what we have is a map of the city… we are here. The cathedral is here, the museum of X is here, where are you from? I’m sure my sigh was audible as I became yet another statistic in some municipal report.

Portugal typically does an amazing job showing off its architectural heritage… except in Aveiro. If I were closer, I’d write a tile guide like I did for Lisboa!

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