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buenos aires: ciae-electricity timeline

Timeline, History of Electricity in Buenos Aires, 1850-2010

Now that the timeline is complete, maybe I can concentrate enough to finish writing about the CIAE. I’ve been working steadily for the past two weeks on this series of posts, but it seems like the more I find out about the Compañía Italo-Argentina de Electricidad, the more JSTOR articles I want to read. Guess that’s always the case.

Click on the image above to see the entire timeline, designed for the equivalent of two sheets of A4 paper. No, it may not be used for commerical purposes or for derivative works.

CIAE series: Electricity timeline Precedent & foundation Swiss holding companies Architecture 1 2 3 4 Expansion Scandal Fade to black Building list Bibliography

5 thoughts on “buenos aires: ciae-electricity timeline”

  1. The fact that you’re in Lisboa, and you’re progressing more in your CIAE research than what I did in 2 years in BA is appaling.

    I should make bloga-kiri… hahahaha

  2. Actually, I’m in Buenos Aires now so that’s helped with some research. The library at the Ministerio de Economia is awesome. I’ve been photographing buildings & reading a lot… writing is the toughest part, especially since my partner is here in BA now. I’m kinda distracted 🙂

    BTW, I wanted to send you an email… there’s a lot of info on your blog that’s incorrect. The CIAE did invest money in improving the network throughout their entire existence. And they only maintained an 11-20% share of the market because they more or less entered into a non-competition agreement with CATE-CHADE-CADE… the CIAE focused on supplying individual consumers instead of industry or larger customers. Anyway, more details to come.

    I’m going to be doing a llamado a la solidaridad to compile an online list of ALL the CIAE structures left. No one even knows how many are left standing! Un abrazo!

  3. Bueno, supongo que eso es lo que pasa cuando uno basa su investigación en recortes periodísticos de clarín.. solamente.

    Ahí cerré el blog, BTW. Hasta que haga una investigación de verdad (si es que la hago algún día) no voy a dejar info errónea en la web.


    ps: I am sending you an email for something completely different.. please reply!!

  4. No deberias cerrar el blog! Sobre todo porque mucha gente ya dejó comentarios. La verdad es que no habia mucha información sobre la CIAE online cuando empezaste el blog… por suerte tengo acceso a JSTOR y encontré un monton de datos.

    La CIAE es muy parecida al Cementerio de la Recoleta en el sentido de que hay mucho mito, mucha desinformación, y tambien huecos grandes en la historia de la empresa.

    Ok, I’ll answer your mail right now…

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